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I am establishing Dispensational Publishing House to become the “go-to” source for strong, Bible-based, theological, doctrinal and worldview resources from the dispensational perspective.

While dispensational theology once had a very strong presence in the United States, today it is often looked upon with disdain and contempt in many evangelical—and most scholarly—circles. However, much of what has been written about dispensationalism is flawed in its assumptions. At DPH, our desire is to adequately present Biblical matters from a sound dispensational perspective. In so doing, we hope to correct some of the misconceptions regarding dispensationalism that exist in the current theological climate.

When the average believer goes to a Christian bookstore, it is almost impossible for him to know, up front, the theological perspective from which an author or publisher begins. After reading 100 pages or more, the reader may discover that he is not convinced of the soundness of the writer’s assumptions. At DPH, we want the reader to know the assumptions up front.

Every resource at DPH, whether on our blog or one of our printed materials, will hold to these distinctives:

  • A conviction of verbal plenary inspiration. We believe God gave words, not ideas. Our ideas (theological, sociological, psychological, etc.) must conform to the words God inspired. I personally believe that the King James Version of the Bible is the closest literal English translation, and have therefore recently switched back to preaching and teaching from this beloved text. However, since we believe the original autographs are inerrant, we also strive to understand and translate Hebrew and Greek.
  • A conviction that God revealed His Word in stages, or dispensations. We believe that men can only be saved by the grace of God, but that God revealed His grace progressively through the different dispensations. Although all Scripture is inspired and is to be profited from, we do not believe that Christians today are required—or even able—to adhere to all aspects of that revelation on an equal basis. Instead, we believe that later revelation sheds light on earlier revelation, and that believers are to receive instruction for daily living from portions of the New Testament which speak to the church age.
  • A conviction that the church will be raptured prior to the coming tribulation. We believe that the church age must come to a conclusion before “the time of Jacob’s trouble” (Jer. 30:7; i.e., the tribulation) can commence. Therefore, the church must, by theological necessity, be raptured, bringing this dispensation to a close.
  • A conviction of a coming millennial, earthly kingdom. We believe that Jesus Christ will establish the kingdom of God in the future, on earth—physically reigning from the throne of David in Jerusalem. This will be a time in which the purposes of creation will be fulfilled in the Jewish Messiah, who is the Second Adam. When we refer to the kingdom of God, it is a reference to a coming, future, physical kingdom.
  • A conviction that the Bible, in 66 books, is complete and sufficient. We believe that we hear from God through the pages of Scripture. Therefore, we do not advocate “hearing from God” through any other means. While preaching proclaims the Word, and others often confirm our understanding of the Word, only the Bible is the Word of God.
  • A conviction that the words of the Bible can be taken literally. We believe that, unless the context demands otherwise, the Bible should be interpreted literally.

Welcome to Dispensational Publishing House! We hope to become long-term friends with you, your family and your church.

If you have a particular need or publishing request, contact our editor in chief, Paul Scharf, today.

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Scripture taken from the King James Version.