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Because we believe, what are we then to do?

Because we believe, we cannot help but do our best to tell others of the gospel of Christ.

What activity can be most strategic by the Christian who wants to spread the gospel and serve Christ well? It is exactly this—to speak, to preach, to promote, to publish the Word. It is to give ourselves to that most necessary and most strategic of all activities—the propagation of the gospel in words that can be understood so that others, too, will believe. By this activity, the Christian is fulfilling the admonition:

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so,
Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy. (Ps. 107:2)

Many have asked, “What shall I do for the Savior?” The simplest answer which God has given us is, “You shall be witnesses to Me” (Acts 1:8). Because we believe, we cannot help but do our best to tell others of the gospel of Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God
 and, therefore, we witness to others about how He made the world and how He died for our sins.

We believe that Calvary is enough to pay for sin and, therefore, we tell others of the sufficient price, the blood of Jesus, which was there expended.

We believe that Christ lives in our hearts today and, therefore, we tell others that if they will come to know Christ, they will never be lonely again.

122316-blog-breese-quote-1We believe that there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun and, therefore, we work to become passionate persuaders of the salvation which Christ, alone, can offer—salvation from hell and for heaven.

We believe that Christ is coming again and, therefore, we invite, we warn others to come to know Him before it is forever too late.

We believe that Jesus Christ will, one day, judge the world and, therefore, we call others to be reconciled to this God so that they can be spared on Judgment Day.

We believe that the gospel is the faith once delivered to the saints and, therefore, we waste little time propagating human philosophies which, finally, amount to nothing.

We believe that every person alive is a creature of eternal destiny and, therefore, our constant conversation is of Christ who saves for eternity.

We believe that we, ourselves, shall stand before the judgment seat of Christ and, therefore, we remind ourselves and other Christians that we must not waste precious opportunity doing lesser things than telling the world of Christ.

We believe, as the Bible says, that “we are ambassadors for Christ” in this world and, therefore, we think, live, dress, conduct ourselves in a manner befitting that heavenly kingdom which we represent (2 Cor. 5:20).


This combination of things which we believe should surely lead us to mount a program in this present, perhaps terminal, generation, which will bring to all the opportunity to hear and heed the gospel.

122316-blog-breese-quote-2This Christmas, therefore, brings another great opportunity for each believer to be a witness for Christ. Let us take every opportunity which this season will afford to bring the gospel to others. At no other time of the year are people more curious as to why Christ came. He came, of course, “to give His life a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45).

Thank you so very much for your friendship and the happy opportunity of working together with you in the ministry of the gospel in this exciting outreach for Christ.

We labor in a bewildered world where the truth of the Word of God is the only light. Let us work together to bring that light to the place where it can shine like a beacon of hope in our darkening world.

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Dr. Dave Breese (1926-2002) was an internationally known speaker, teacher and author. He founded the ministry of Christian Destiny in 1963, and through it proclaimed the gospel on weekly radio and television programs and in numerous books and booklets. In 1987, he also became the president and Bible teacher on The King Is Coming telecast, a role that he filled until his death in 2002. Other organizations that Dr. Breese served during his distinguished ministry career included Youth For ChristAwanaBack to the BibleNational Religious Broadcasters and National Association of Evangelicals. A frequent conference speaker and a master at explaining the relevance of Bible prophecy, he was also known for his wisdom and wit. It is a great honor to include him as part of the inaugural class of Revived Classics authors for Dispensational Publishing House.

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