Brief Description of the Church

We are a home-based fellowship and independent. We are looking on reaching and teaching the Bible to people from a dispensational viewpoint. More can be learned by our website FAQ, contacting us and arranging to visit us.

Church Programs

Sunday Morning Worship
Mid-Week Bible Study

Scripture’s View

Inspiration: Verbal Plenary Inspiration – “Every Word Counts”
Scripture Version used from the pulpit: KJV Preference
Sufficiency of Scripture: God speaks through Scripture alone

Theological View

Gifts of the Spirit: Sign gifts have ceased
The Kingdom of God: Is the future millennial Kingdom
Israel: The modern nation of Israel is the chosen nation and will be used in fulfillment of prophecy.
The Rapture: Takes place before the Tribulation
The Tribulation: The seven-year period of Jacob’s Trouble
Interpretation of Scripture: A Scripture passage is to be taken literally whenever possible
Soteriology: Free Grace
Primary Purpose of the Church: To share the Gospel
The Law: Was for Israel and is not an obligation of the church
Tithing: Was an Old Testament requirement


Physical Address: 209 Dartmouth, Farney, TX 75126
Phone Number: (469) 474-3761
Pastor’s Name: Chris Giles

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