The Seventh Seal Judgment (Part 2)

(Read Part 29) More on The Seventh Seal Judgment Part I of the Parenthesis: Protective Sealing of the 144,0000 (Continued) Revelation 7 is categorized as a parenthetical chapter between Revelation 6 and 8.[1] The Apostle John's description of the seal judgments stops (Rev. 6:17) and he introduces two groups of people. Scripture tells us plainly that God will seal 144,000 Jewish people and will bring them through the tribulation (Rev. 14). The Bible further reveals that God will protect one-third of the Jewish people during the tribulation [...]

The Seventh Seal Judgment (Part 1)

(Read Part 28) The Seventh Seal Judgment Introduction The painful process of purging the Earth of evil begins with the first six seal judgments (Rev. 6:1-17). God inserts a parenthetical chapter (Rev. 7) before revealing the next set of more intense judgments (Rev. 8). The Apostle John describes the sealing of a group of 144,000 Jewish male virgins who will survive the tribulation period (Rev. 7:3-8; 14:1-7). He then describes a very large group of individuals that suffer martyrdom during the tribulation (Rev. [...]

The Sixth Seal Judgment (Part 2)

(Read Part 27) This week we continue our consideration of the distinctly dispensational doctrine of the birthing process of the theocratic millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ. Sixth Seal: A Great Earthquake Great Upheaval of the Sun, Moon, Stars and Sky The sixth seal further reveals that the sun, moon, stars and the sky will all be affected during the sixth seal judgment. The Apostle John uses several similes to describe the changes. Notice the descriptive language that he employs in Revelation 6:12-17: And I beheld when he had [...]


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