Thomas Ice

An Interview on Bible Prophecy with Dr. Thomas Ice

Editor’s Note: Dr. Thomas Ice is the founding executive director of the Pre-Trib Research Center, which he began alongside the late Dr. Tim LaHaye—with whom he worked for almost 25 years. Ice has served as a pastor, professor and author, and is widely recognized as an expert on dispensationalism and Bible prophecy, which he speaks on both throughout the country and internationally. We previously featured Ice in our ongoing interview series called A Dispensational Discourse. In this Prophetic Principles article, we go deeper with him [...]

A Dispensational Discourse with Dr. Thomas Ice

By PAUL J. SCHARF, M.Div. Editor in Chief Editor’s Note: I have known of Dr. Thomas Ice since the early days of the Pre-Trib Research Center and had the privilege of interviewing him for the first time for a seminary class in 1997. I have met him numerous times since then, and have listened to many hours of his teaching through these years. I have looked to Dr. Ice as a model of one who applies sound exegesis and a profound understanding [...]


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