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Interpreting Parables: The Chief Subject of Parables

For an earlier post on common mistakes when interpreting parables, click here. The more I've studied New Testament parables, the more I am convinced of one thing: they are all about the same subject. That's right: parables in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are all about a singular subject. Every. Single. One. In fact, I'm so convinced of this that if I find a parable that is not about this subject, then I'm convinced I'm not reading a parable at all. Sadly, I spent many [...]

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Interpreting Parables: Common Mistakes

A parable is a story or that could be true but the truth of the story is not the point. A parable has a truth about the work of God that is hidden from view and requires interpretation. The Bible is filled with parables. When we think of them, we mostly think of the parables of Jesus. However, Ezekiel was instructed to tell or display parables many times, and they are also found throughout the Bible. Nathan's story of the pet lamb [...]

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Is a Confessional Statement a necessity?

In most denominational circles a confessional statement or a creed (with their marginal differences) are sacred holy cows, not to be questioned. Their presence saves the denomination from doctrinal drift and error, or so the parrots tell us. But is this the case? A little Baptist History I have a Baptist background, so I know Baptist history better than other groups. However, I suspect that the Baptist dealings with confessional statements is true of most in the free-church movement (a free-church is [...]

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The Source Determines the Application: Why the Old Testament Prophecies Are Not Ours

One of the most important rules of Biblical interpretation is that "scripture interprets itself." One of the greatest errors in interpreting the scripture is that the preacher, professor, or student of the Word allows self to interpret scripture. To avoid this error when we study the Word, we need to make sure that we consider the source of a truth when we make the application of that truth. Doing so will keep us from making a dispensational error, which is important because if we do not rightly [...]

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