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Dr. Randy White I've never had the joy of meeting Dr. Robert Lightner face-to-face, but I've come to deeply respect him as a Christian scholar and theologian, as well as a pure Christian gentleman. Heaven and Hell: A Biblical Guide. New from Dispensational Publishing House! Over the past year, he and I have had numerous long-distance conversations concerning his just-released book, Heaven and Hell: A Biblical Guide. In each of the conversations, I walked away feeling like I had been in the [...]

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A Dispensational Discourse with Dr. Robert Lightner

By PAUL J. SCHARF, M.Div. Editor in Chief Editor’s Note: One of the wonderful privileges that I have in my role with Dispensational Publishing House is the opportunity to interact with great Bible teachers, pastors and other authors. One such man is Dr. Robert Lightner. I have heard of him for many years, as he was a seminary professor to my own teachers, and I was also acquainted with the wealth of his written materials. We share a common heritage in the General [...]


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