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It’s Time to Put a Term Limit on the Deep State

Randy White   The Deep State is real and needs to be addressed. What the “average Joe” had not even heard of a few years ago has now become an every-day real and present danger. At least since the election of Donald Trump, Deep State reality has become a water-cooler topic in just about every community of thinking men and women. What is the Deep State? The Deep State is made up of layer over layer over layer of civil service bureaucrats. [...]

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Dear Politician with a Graph, Please Read This

Randy White, CEO On March 23 DPH began carrying the statistical information of Dr. Douglas Frank. You can see that information here. How important are scientific models for pandemics like the one we currently experience? Frankly, these models are virtually the only thing we have to work from. We can gain insight from past pandemics, but none of those are completely relevant. After all, how many times have we heard the word novel in recent days? Our only choices are to make a [...]

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