The Heavenly Message: An Exploration of Romans 10:18 and Psalm 19:1-4

Randy White | June 30, 2023 In the realm of biblical interpretation, we often encounter perplexing paradoxes, ones that require keen scrutiny and in-depth comprehension. One such enigma lies in the relationship between Romans 10:18 and Psalm 19:1-4, a pair of verses that have triggered extensive debates. This article aims to explore the possibility that these verses refer specifically to a divine message encrypted in the stars rather than a generic portrayal of God's glory. Romans 10:18 is part of an argument [...]

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Misunderstanding Romans 10:1-10: It’s Not About Individual Salvation

Randy White | June 22, 2023 Romans 10:1-10 is often interpreted as a plea for individual salvation, widely used in gospel presentations and perceived as the foundation for the doctrine of salvation by grace. However, a deeper dive into this passage within its full biblical context suggests it is not about individual salvation in the dispensation of grace, but a call for the nation of Israel to recognize Jesus as the Messiah and thus achieve their national salvation. This article proposes a [...]

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Understanding Jesus’ Miracles: Beyond the Spiritual to the Physical Kingdom

Randy White | June 22, 2023 In the conventional narratives of Christian theology, there exists an overwhelming emphasis on the spiritual realm, which, though undeniably significant, can sometimes overshadow the physical aspects of biblical accounts. This is particularly evident in the interpretation of the miracles of Jesus as presented in the Gospels, specifically in the Synoptics. The traditional approach of Covenant Theology, which also significantly influences evangelicalism, largely spiritualizes Jesus’ miracles, viewing them almost wholly in a spiritual context, obscuring their physical [...]

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Rethinking Spiritual Gifts: A Critique of the Evangelical Industrial Complex’s Approach

Randy White | June 18, 2023 In our current Dispensation of Grace, the empowerment of believers is not dictated by the presence of specific spiritual gifts, but is instead dependent on the transformative power of grace, which is universally accessible to all believers. The Misunderstanding of Spiritual Gifts Due to an attempt to apply all of Paul’s writings to the dispensation of the grace of God in which we live, spiritual gifts (charismata) are required by each and every believer. However, since [...]

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Conversing with AI: A Dispensationalist’s Duty and Advantage

Randy White | June 14, 2023 Training Artificial Intelligence: A Dispensationalists Duty Oddly enough, I am a fan of artificial intelligence tools when they are used correctly. They do hold great dangers, which I may share another day, but they can also be used to advance the dispensational cause. Recently, I had a "chat" with an AI tool about a commentary I am writing on the Gospel of Mark. In the commentary, I take a future view of the Kingdom of God, [...]

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