The Rise of Gog?

Dwight Oswald Is Vladimir Putin the "Gog" of Ezekiel 38-39? At this point no one knows, but for years I have been saying he is "Gogesque." However, he may simply be a forerunner to the real "Gog" who will one day follow in his trail. Israel is constantly in the news which fits with Israel being the centerpiece of last day's prophecy. Russia is also consistently in the news. In recent days, two significant events have transpired in regard to Russia. Putin’s [...]

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‘The Middle East Meltdown’ on ‘Prophecy Watchers’

Editor's Note: Dr. Andy Woods is the author of Dispensational Publishing House's very first published volume, The Middle East Meltdown. Andy first appeared on the television program Prophecy Watchers with host Gary Stearman late in 2016 to talk about his new book. Then he was back on the program just recently to speak further about the issues behind the book. We have updated this post in that light and trust that you will find both of these interviews to be enlightening and encouraging. And the word of [...]


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