We Are Giving Up Too Much (and we may never get it back)

Your local church, outside of a few stragglers, sits empty all but an hour a week. During that hour,  it sits a third full (looking much like a Joe Biden rally). Your local theater (the movie kind or the play kind or the opera kind or the symphony kind or the lecture kind) hasn't had more than a maintenance man in it since April. Your local restaurant has blocked off half its dinning (or more). Your local library hasn't had a book [...]

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By PAUL J. SCHARF, M.Div. Editor in Chief (Read Part 1) (Read Part 2) (Read Part 3) In addition to the expected emphasis upon Bible prophecy, and this year's special focus on the issue of literal interpretation, the 25th Anniversary Pre-Trib Study Group also provided much in the way of discussion of current events. In this final blog entry covering last month's conference, I will focus on that theme. On Monday, Dec. 5, Soren Kern presented a fast-paced, informative lecture entitled, “An [...]


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