Reconsidering Salvation’s Three-Step Division

Randy White | June 10, 2023 Salvation, in traditional Christian theology, has been generally delineated into a three-part framework: we have been saved (justification), we are being saved (sanctification), and we will be saved (glorification). These three phases are justified by specific Biblical texts. But are we accurately interpreting these scriptures, or have we veered from their original intent due to misunderstandings of the Greek grammar? Let's delve into the evidence and reconsider this classic teaching. The Three-Phase Approach to Salvation: A [...]

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Crafting Robust Biblical Arguments: A Case Study from Mark 1:10

Randy White I often hear people arguing good, solid theological positions, but they base their arguments on Biblical texts that do not prove their point. In the end, they do more harm than good and make it seem like their point is based on a flawed foundation. As a dispensationalist, I see this happen all the time in arguments for the pre-tribulational rapture. I once rejected this stance based on silly arguments that I had heard from Revelation 4:1’s instruction to John [...]

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Issues of Contention: Part 1—Ecclesiology and Eschatology

(Read Part 2) The purpose of this series is to consider the difference between dispensational and covenantal theology. Having examined the basic elements of "Covenantal Thought" last time, we turn our attention in this installment to the first and second of four different "Issues of Contention." These are ecclesiology and eschatology. Issues of Contention The distinction between these two schools of thought centers on ecclesiology, eschatology, soteriology and hermeneutics. Ecclesiology (the church) Notice first the different views of the church. Dispensational theologians see [...]


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