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Rethinking Spiritual Gifts: A Critique of the Evangelical Industrial Complex’s Approach

Randy White | June 18, 2023 In our current Dispensation of Grace, the empowerment of believers is not dictated by the presence of specific spiritual gifts, but is instead dependent on the transformative power of grace, which is universally accessible to all believers. The Misunderstanding of Spiritual Gifts Due to an attempt to apply all of Paul’s writings to the dispensation of the grace of God in which we live, spiritual gifts (charismata) are required by each and every believer. However, since [...]

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Conversing with AI: A Dispensationalist’s Duty and Advantage

Randy White | June 14, 2023 Training Artificial Intelligence: A Dispensationalists Duty Oddly enough, I am a fan of artificial intelligence tools when they are used correctly. They do hold great dangers, which I may share another day, but they can also be used to advance the dispensational cause. Recently, I had a "chat" with an AI tool about a commentary I am writing on the Gospel of Mark. In the commentary, I take a future view of the Kingdom of God, [...]

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