“Ancient Dispensational Truth” A Review

Pastor Allen Rea How many times have we heard the tired and old straw man that dispensationalism came with Darby? Such a tired old criticism is not to be taken seriously. While I would like to think that such critics had been hanging out with giants like Thomas Oden, who had taken the definition of orthodoxy from Vincent of Lerins, I fear that they are simply repeating what they have heard from others fearing to do any research of their own. A [...]

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Is That Your Final Answer?

Pastor Allen Rea Does anyone remember the gameshow “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” I was never a fan of that gameshow, but what stuck with me is that the contestant had to confirm his or her answer by giving a "yes" or "no" to the host's question: “Is that your final answer?” This was meant to add some tension in the show, and perhaps, it was an attempt to cast doubt on the confidence of the contestant. Regardless of why it [...]

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