Currently (Jan. 12-23, 2016), I am in Kiev, Ukraine, teaching Dispensations and Covenants at the Word of God Bible College.

The school was started in 2001 by Jim Myers, a missionary to Kiev with James F. Myers Ministries. Jim had been in Kiev for about five years, had started the Word of God Church, and realized the great need to have a training center here to train men and women for the ministry. He structured a concentrated two-year curriculum that teaches the students Greek, Hebrew, church history, theology and practical ministry. Quote-Robert-Dean

Over the last 15 years, the graduates have been involved in planting churches in Ukraine, Belarus and Turkey, as well as other former Soviet republics. Since the beginning it has been my privilege to come here each January and teach about dispensational theology. For five hours a day over a two-week period we cover all of the basics of dispensationalism. Many of these key doctrines are also taught and reinforced in the other classes the students take. 

I am always impressed by how much even the first-year students have learned through other dispensational pastors who come from the United States to teach other courses. The course notes were written by Jim Myers and myself and I hope one day to get them converted into a book to be published by Dispensational Publishing House. The outline originated from Dr. Charles Ryrie’s Dispensationalim, but has been reorganized, revised and developed through the 15 years I have been teaching the class. Current issues in dispensational theology are brought to the students attention. In the course, we cover each of the Biblical covenants and show how they are inherent to understanding the flow of God’s progressive revelation through the Old Testament promises to their fulfillment in the church age, tribulation and millennium.

It has been quite an encouragement to hear of these students continuing to hold fast to dispensational truth as they teach in their churches and ministries. It is also an encouragement to me when the students realize again and again that, as Dr. John Walvoord used to say, we do not believe it because it is dispensational, but because it is Biblical.

Dr. Robert Dean is the pastor of West Houston Bible Church in Houston, Tex. He is also the president of Dean Bible Ministries and serves on the governing board of Chafer Theological Seminary. He is the author of numerous articles and has written or contributed to several books. We enthusiastically commend him to you as a contributing author to Dispensational Publishing House.

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