When? The Biblical Timing for Prophetic Fulfillment

When? The Biblical Timing for Prophetic Fulfillment


Dr. Ron Bigalke

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Realizing that there are few possibilities in relation to the Biblical timing for prophetic fulfillment helps to provide a foundation for understanding the doctrine of Christ’s second coming. Respected author Dr. Ron J. Bigalke addresses these fundamental issues from the perspective of premillennialism. He assesses the views of prophetic timing in relation to amillennialism, postmillennialism and premillennialism, with an extended emphasis upon the Biblical texts that describe Christ’s return to the Earth. This volume will prove to be an invaluable reference in understanding the schedule of prophetic events—and why such doctrines are relevant to each of our lives.

From the foreword by Christopher Cone, Th.D., Ph.D., Ph.D.:

Bigalke’s is a timely methodological discussion, focusing appropriately on . . . timing. He provides here a straightforward catalog—a handbook of sorts—of major distinctions between dispensational and non-dispensational views, but the uniqueness of this work is in its organization by chronology of events. This structure underscores a thoroughness, as the catalogued events are not handled in isolation, but rather in their appropriate chronological context. This allows Bigalke to be comprehensive without being voluminous, and the approach further fosters good representation of the differing methodologies for handling eschatology and the contexts they encompass.

As Bigalke articulates the reasons certain conclusions are to be preferred, the practical implications are not lost here. He appeals to Christians that the prophetic Word of Scripture matters to each of us in our lives. Through the record of Biblical prophecy, we ought to gain even greater confidence in our Lord as we engage the path He has prepared for us. Further, Bigalke appeals to Christians that Biblical prophecy, rightly understood, provides a tremendous urgency and tool for reaching those who do not know Christ.


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