What Is Dispensationalism?

What Is Dispensationalism?


The Church is facing an epidemic of biblical illiteracy. A few decades ago, dispensationalists were leading the world in missions and evangelism, but dispensationalism is no disappearing from seminaries and churches at an alarming rate. As a result, many Christians are poorly equipped for reading the Scriptures, teaching their families, and reaching their communities.

Partly apologetic, partly theological, and entirely practical, this book is a collaboration of twenty-seven dispensational thinkers with a shared passion for biblically solid theology. Written with the layperson in mind, the authors address over thirty questions that Christians should be asking about the world’s most important book.

What is Dispensationalism? features twelve chapters and four appendices that address big questions about Christianity from a dispensationalist perspective. Each chapter includes additional articles, graphics, summaries, and wide margins. There are also four “Graceful Debates” within the book, which present different dispensational approaches to various theological issues.

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About the Editor

Paul Miles is the executive director of Grace Abroad Ministries, which serves the Church by promoting biblically-sound theology through translation, teaching, and outreach. Seeing the need for quality dispensational literature in Eastern Europe, Paul organized this book project with the purpose of translating it for others who do not yet have a corpus of dispensational literature.

Contributing Authors

Anthony Badger | Patrick Belvill | Ron Bigalke | Bob Bryant | Steven Cook | Bob Courtney | David Criswell | Steve Dehner | Matthew Bryce Ervin | Daniel Goepfrich | Tim Hoelscher | David James | Stephen Lewis | Quentin McCart | Josh Meier | Brett Nazworth | David Olander | Eduardo Perez | Dan Starcevich | Philippe Sterling | Don Trest | Bob Vacendak | William Watson | Randy White | Ken Yates | Terry Zeyen | Paul Miles


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