“It is commonly known that when the Holy Spirit gave us the Psalms, He originally divided them into five books. These have been combined into a single volume in our modern Bibles. All such trifling with scripture is destructive, and this has masked the distinctive characters of these five books. The Psalms cannot be properly understood until it is realized that each of their five books has a subject that is introduced and developed in an orderly fashion, just as in every other book of the Bible. In each of these five books, a main subject and an associated subject are introduced in the opening psalms. These two subjects are then developed in an interwoven fashion as the book progresses, with other relevant subjects included in an orderly fashion.” –from the introduction

In this book you will learn how the Psalms are five books of prophecy, each book taking the reader sequentially through the time period that the scriptures call “the time of the end.” The five books describe how Israel’s righteous remnant goes through the first half of the tribulation (Book 1, Psalm 1-41), the middle of the tribulation is found in the second book (Psalm 42-72), the last half of the tribulation is in book 3 (Psalm 73-89), the end of the tribulation when Messiah comes (book 4, Psalm 90-106), and, finally, the restoration is found in book 5 (Psalm 107-150).