There Really Is A Difference

There Really Is A Difference


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From editor in chief Paul Scharf –

The book’s subtitle tells the story: A Comparison of Covenant and Dispensational Theology. The volume unfolds through 18 short, easy-to-read chapters that flesh out Showers’ purpose. He starts by covering both of these systems of theology (chapters 1-5), then tackles specific Biblical and theological issues, such as the Old Testament covenants (chapters 6-10), the “Millennial Views” (chapters 11-13), the kingdom of God (chapter 14), the church (chapter 15) and law and grace (chapter 16 and 17).

Showers, who has recently retired as a long-time author and Bible teacher for The Friends of Israel, is one of those writers and speakers who always makes me feel like I am learning something new—even when I may be hearing him address a subject that is extremely familiar to me.

Although this book is suitable even for use as a seminary text, and is by no means simplistic, it is the one that I would recommend that anyone seeking to learn about dispensationalism read first.

Available on backorder

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This volume focuses on the differences between the Covenant and Dispensational systems of theology and examines their diverse approaches to such issues as:

  • God’s Ultimate Purpose for History
  • God’s Program for the Nation of Israel
  • The Significance of Several Key Biblical Covenants
  • The Nature and Beginning of the Church
  • The Christian’s Relationship to the Mosaic Law and Grace

The book is written in easy-to-understand, non-technical language and has received favorable response from lay people, pastors, students, and reviewers.

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