The Wise Men: Who They Were and How They Came to Jerusalem


This book, reproduced from the original 1873 version, is presented to you by Dispensational Publishing House to bring back the learned study of another day.

The Wise Men contains long-forgotten information about the Persians, the use of the word magi in Roman days, the astronomical significance of the star of Bethlehem, and so much more.

As you read, you will be impressed by the scholarship of preachers of Francis Upham’s era. Dr. Upham, originally trained in mechanical engineering, shows an engineer’s precision and a theologian’s love for the word. Having served in Methodist churches for all his career, Upham lived in a day in which Methodist churches were much more true to the Word than they are in our modern day.

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Francis B. Upham was born November 21, 1862, was educated at Wesleyan University and Drew Theological Seminary, served in the local church ministry (mostly in Brooklyn, NY), and died March 19, 1941.

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