The Koren Tanakh


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Since its initial publication in the 1960s, The Koren Tanakh has been the most recognized and most authentic Hebrew/English Tanakh in use by the Jewish people.
This Tanakh (typically called “Old Testament” by Christian users) is used by faithful Jews worldwide. It contains Hebrew on the right page and English on the left.
Why would a Christian want this copy?
  • Seeing the text in Hebrew is beautiful.
  • The English translation is the accepted English translation of the Jewish people. This makes it a great supplemental reference to English students of the Hebrew Scriptures.
  • The student will learn the books of the Hebrew Scriptures in their original order, prior to a re-arrangement by Latin translators that is used today.
  • The unique size (4×6 inches, and 4 inches depth)  and Hebrew layout (the “front” of the book is the “back” cover, reading right to left) make a beautiful coffee-table decor and a unique discussion piece.
  • The reader can see the Hebrew names in their Hebrew transliteration rather than English translation (i.e.: Moshe rather than Moses).
  • The reader can see the “open” and “closed” breaks of the Hebrew text. These were the original divisions, prior to the chapter/verse system of modern times.

This is a quality, hardcover edition.

Look inside!

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1 in stock (can be backordered)

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From the Publisher:

Since its initial publication in the 1960s, The Koren Tanakh has been recognized as the most authentic Hebrew/English Tanakh. The Koren Hebrew Tanakh text is accompanied by a superb English translation by biblical and literary scholar Professor Harold Fisch. English text divisions parallel the Hebrew parshiyot, with chapter and verse numbers noted in the margins. Transliterated personal and place names replace the Hellenistic forms used in most Tanakhim (Moshe instead of Moses). The Koren Tanakh makes the Tanakh accessible in English as it restores the text’s original intent.

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