The Handbook of Biblical Chronology


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Have you been skipping over references to time in the Bible because they seem too confusing? Professor Jack Finegan’s “Handbook of Biblical Chronology “clarifies those ancient systems of time reckoning and the biblical passages that use them.

Part 1, Principles of Chronology in the Ancient World, describes the origins of basic units of time and surveys the calendars used in the Ancient Near East through the Roman era. Part 2, Problems of Chronology in the Bible, discusses major periods of the Old Testament, as well as the lives of Jesus, John the Baptist, and the Apostles Peter and Paul.

Note: these books have slight imperfections.

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This is the best book on Biblical chronology I have seen. It is not a “chronological Bible,” but it does a very thorough job at discussing difficult chronological issues. Personally, I had taken two positions before reading this book that went “against the grain” of common teaching: that Jesus was born in late 2BC (not 4 or 6 BC) and that the Last Supper was not a Passover Seder.  Though I had done my own research, it was refreshing to see this book confirm my position, but with much greater detail. Part one is a fascinating history of chronology as a science, and part two details various aspects of Biblical chronology specifically. A great reference and resource!

–Dr. Randy White


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