Rightly Trained: How To Recognize A Quality Seminary Education

Rightly Trained: How To Recognize A Quality Seminary Education


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Post-graduate seminary education is the “gold standard” for pastoral ministry. However, in recent decades the quality of seminary education has plumeted. Men are graduating from accredited, respected, denominational or independent seminaries and have no better education than those from a four-year undergraduate degree. Indeed, there is a crisis in seminary education.

How do you recognize a QUALITY seminary education? It should bring about a change in skills, in practice, in presentation, and in ministry.

This short, easy-to-read 50-page booklet is perfect for helping you recognize whether a seminary puts out students who are Rightly Trained.

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34 in stock (can be backordered)


This book is for a broad audience!

  • If you are going into vocational ministry, read it!
  • If you went to seminary, read it!
  • If you are a seminary President, PLEASE READ IT!!
  • If you are a layman who supports seminary work financially, either directly or through your church, read it!
  • If you are an accrediting agency, read it (and weep)!

Graduate level seminary education has been taken over by the “Evangelical Industrial Complex” and needs a complete revision. This small book will help you understand what a seminary education should produce.

Are you Rightly Trained for ministry? Are the young men who leave your church to pursue a seminary education being Rightly Trained for future ministry? Is your favorite seminary producing Rightly Trained pastors?

Rightly Trained by David Spurbeck will help you to know how to recognize a quality seminary education.

David K. Spurbeck Sr. is Professor of Hebrew and Bible Analysis at Dispensational Theological Seminary, Gaston, Oregon and Co-pastor of Valley Baptist Church, Gaston, Oregon. He has been in the pastoral ministry for almost 50 years, serving in Oregon and California. He has also served as a seminary professor for over 40 years.

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