Rightly Dividing E.W. Bullinger: Assessing His Life, Ministry, and Impact

Rightly Dividing E.W. Bullinger: Assessing His Life, Ministry, and Impact


E.W. Bullinger was a giant among giants. His mind and his lifelong love of studying and writing about the Word of God has indelibly made an imprint on dispensational thinking. Some love him, some hate him, many misunderstand him by failing to really know him. In this small volume, historian and dispensational scholar Bryan C. Ross will help you rightly divide E.W. Bullinger.

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About the Author: Pastor Bryan C. Ross makes his living as a tentmaking pastor in Western Michigan. Bryan served as the pastor of Westside Grace Church in Muskegon Heights, MI from 2000-2007. Currently, Bryan is pastor of Grace Life Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. A church he helped establish in 2007.  Pastor Ross is the author of The King James Bible in America: An Orthographic, Historical, and Textual Investigation, as well as Don’t Passover Easter: A New Defense of Easter in Acts 12:4. He is the co-author of J.C. O’Hair and the Origins of the American Grace Movement. Pastor Ross has also authored and co-authored articles for Truth magazine and the Journal of Grace Theology. The author teaches high school World History/Geography and Philosophy at a public high school in the Grand Rapids area. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Religious Education from Grace Bible College as well as a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education from Cornerstone University, both located in Grand Rapids, MI. Bryan also possesses a Masters Degree in Military History from Norwich University in Vermont.

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