Rapid Virus Recovery: No Need to Live in Fear!


Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD is a board-certified cardiologist. This is his 13th in a string of ground-breaking books including Curing the Incurable, Stop America’s #1 Killer!, Primal Panacea, Death by Calcium and Magnesium, Reversing Disease. He is the leading vitamin C expert in the world, and he frequently lectures about the proper role of vitamin C and antioxidants in the treatment of a host of medical conditions.


Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

We can live without fear!

It’s normal and appropriate to fear an infection that can take your life, especially when you believe that you cannot avoid getting it or that you cannot cure it once you have it. The COVID pandemic now has most of the world population literally petrified.

As it turns out, the healthy immune system can kill ANY pathogens that it encounters. The number of potential infections that get repelled on a daily basis is enormous. But sometimes even a strong immune system needs a little help to keep the body well.

It turns out that there are many remedies that directly use and stimulate the body’s natural ability to kill pathogens. Particularly for COVID and other acutely contracted respiratory viruses, the treatments can be incredibly quick as well as effective. In fact, when applied properly, the infection always loses.

Furthermore, the primary treatment discussed in this book is easy to take and literally costs only pennies. There are no toxic side effects, and it is readily available to anyone.

Loads of legitimate science proves that the amazing information presented herein is not too good to be true. Let’s all put COVID in the rearview mirror forever.

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