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Palestine Posts


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Mordecai Chertoff came to Palestine in 1947 as a twenty-five-year-old, determined to make his contribution to the emerging Jewish state. He wrote vivid and often moving letters to his family, describing the events of that time: the news of the UN vote for partition, the siege of Jerusalem, the bombing of the Palestine Post, and the declaration of the State of Israel. His correspondence was filled with details of everyday life in Jerusalem, meetings with famous people, and historical information never before disclosed – as well as the more personal drama of his search for a wife.

Mordecai’s son Daniel S. Chertoff has taken these letters and given them narrative context. Together, father and son have written a unique book that gives us the vicarious experience of participating in Israel’s founding, while at the same time, accompanying Daniel on his journey to penetrate the heart and mind of his father.


NOTE: This resource is written from an orthodox Jewish perspective. The reader should read with discernment. DPH believes that students of the scripture will benefit from the insights provided by Jewish writers even when those writers take positions that may be different than the Christian approach.

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Daniel Chertoff worked in the investment industry in both the United States and Israel as an analyst, as financial communications counsel, and as a venture capitalist. Before discovering the cache of letters, he was happily writing his doctoral dissertation in English literature at the Hebrew University. He is an associate editor of Partial Answers, an academic journal of literature and the history of ideas. Daniel and his wife, Arlene, live in Jerusalem.

Daniel Chertoff

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