Our Journey After Death: Human Speculation or Divine Revelation?


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The sudden death of the author’s wife led W.C. Dietrich straight into the pages of Scripture.

  • What is the immediate destination of a believer who dies?
  • Where will the believer be during the Tribulation and the Millennium?
  • Is Heaven now or future?

In choosing to trust solely in divine revelation for the truth about the afterlife, the author leads readers into the deep questions of Our Journey After Death. This book will question the assumptions of popularly held belief, doggedly stick to Scripture alone for the answers, and provide Biblical insight to those who are grieving and to those who are studying the afterlife for more academic purposes.

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1 review for Our Journey After Death: Human Speculation or Divine Revelation?

  1. Randy White

    “Our Journey After Death” is written by a layman who experienced the sudden loss of his wife, and went straight to the Word for answers. Whether you know Bill Dietrich or you are just curious as to what the Bible really says about “Our Journey After Death,” you will be blessed by this short an informative (and thought-provoking) book.
    –Randy White

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