Online Offer: Keys to Bible Prophecy

Online Offer: Keys to Bible Prophecy


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From Daniel’s 70th week to Gog’s attack on Israel, from the prince who is to come to the king of the south, from the first event of the tribulation through the end of the millennial period, Keys to Bible Prophecy is a thorough and comprehensible guide to all the key time periods, key individuals, and key events of Bible prophecy.

The scriptures call one of these Key Individuals “the Assyrian.” He will be sent by God to punish the Jewish nation, but this punishment will be discipline, rather than vengeance. In the end, it will accomplish its goal of bringing them to repentance. This will finally make it possible for God to righteously keep the ancient promises made to the Patriarchs.

When you learn the Keys, you will be able to study the details of Bible prophecy with precision, avoiding errors of understanding and interpretation, and therefore avoiding the fanciful and unwarranted conclusions so often seen among prophecy teachers today.


274 pages – hardback

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James C. Morris has been a Christian for well over seventy years and has been a teacher among Christians for more than forty-five of these, having served both as a local pastor and an itinerant preacher. He is an internationally published and award-winning Christian writer. He has devoted many years of original research into ancient writings that touch on the study of Bible prophecy. This has included the oldest surviving histories, geographies, and records of many nations, and the actual writings of long forgotten Christian teachers of Bible prophecy.

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