Mr. Bird Little Heart

Mr. Bird Little Heart


Why does a book publisher sell bird seed?

Because sometimes you need to take a mental break and enjoy watching a bird!

Mr. Bird has been specializing in quality wild bird seed products for twenty years, making every seed block and seed cylinder with natural products that are irresistible to wild birds.

Special offer: All DPH orders over $25 will receive a free heart!


These cute little seed and nut hearts are solid seed. They contain black oil sunflower, pecans, peanuts and millet, which make them desirable to birds. Each one features a red raffia hanger. They are individually wrapped and are presented in a display basket for easy merchandising.

A delightful treat for your favorite backyard birds and a thoughtful gift for any bird-lover. The ingredients in these little hearts make them a must visit for birds. Unaffected by extremes of heat or cold, suitable for year-round bird feeding. No mess, no waste, never melt.

Dimension: 3″ x 3″x .75″

Packaging Information: Shrink wrapped

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in


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