Dr. Robert P. Lightner’s final work is a beautiful tribute to his ministry, his legacy, and his Savior.


“Many good individual volumes have been written about the Christ of Scripture, His church, His cross, and His crown. Most of these, however, deal with the themes of this book in isolation from each other. In this book, I have set forth not only the major Biblical teaching on each of the themes but also the vital importance of seeing how the truths of Christ, His church, His cross, and His crown relate to each other. I have tried to show the connections between the four and how each is dependent upon the others. It is my desire that the readers will see how what one believes about any one of these marvelous biblical truths affects and reflects what one believes about each of the others. I have written with the firm conviction that it is impossible to consistently view the teaching of Scripture while viewing any one of these four in isolation from any one of the other three. This is because in Scripture they complement each other. They build on each other and need to be viewed as interrelated essential aspects of the sovereign purpose of God.”

-Dr. Lightner, from the foreword.

Dr. Robert P. Lightner’s final work is a masterful study of the person and work of Christ, including the crucifixion, the church of which He is head, and the future Kingdom over which He will reign. The book shows the decades of study and consideration this esteemed professor, pastor, and thinker has given to these fundamental areas of theology.