Law and Grace


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This 80 page booklet is a great basis for discussion of the role of the Law in Christian doctrine.

From the preface – “Among careful students of the Scriptures and church history, regardless of their theological bias, there has always been general agreement that if there is any outstanding characteristic term in Christianity, that term is “grace.” In much of the New Testament this term becomes almost a synonym for  Christianity itself. Thus in some of the Pauline epistles there are benedictions which mention “grace” alone, with implications that this term covers everything in the Christian faith, and that if we have “grace” nothing else is needed…. Much of the controversy which has attended the Christian doctrine of salvation by grace has arisen about the place of the “law” in relation to the Christian believer who is saved by grace. This was true in the days of the apostles, and it has likewise been true down through the centuries of church history.”


  1. The Law in New Testament Usage
  2. How the Law Could Give Eternal Life
  3. Law unable to Save Men
  4. The Divine Purpose in Giving the Law
  5. God’s written Law and Israel
  6. The Mosaic Law and Gentiles
  7. The Christian and the Law
  8. Dangers of Putting Christians Under the Law
  9. The Standard of Life for Christians
  10. Objections, Questions and Problems

20 in stock (can be backordered)


The Christian life seems to be a confusing paradox. Evangelicals find themselves lost between law and grace, wondering where to go. This concise handbook fields this issue and wrestles it into a concise, understandable concept, useful to the average Christian.

 Alva J. McClain (1888-1968) was the founder and first president of Grace Theological Seminary and Grace College. and served in that capacity from 1937 until his retirement in 1962, when he was named president emeritus. In addition, he served as professor of Christian theology at Grace Theological Seminary. He previously taught at the Philadelphia School of the Bible, the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Ashland College, and Ashland Theological Seminary. A widely known lecturer and writer, he was a charter member of the Evangelical Theological Society, served on the Scofield Reference Bible Revision Committee, and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

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Alva McClain




BMH Books; Reprint edition (December 1, 1991)




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