KJV Old Scofield® Study Bible, Large Print, Hardcover

KJV Old Scofield® Study Bible, Large Print, Hardcover


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Get a classic 1917 edition of the Scofield Bible – the Bible that shaped a generation of American laymen! This hardback edition makes a great gift or study Bible.

The Old Scofield Study Bible features Dr. C.. Scofield’s famed notes, which date from 1917. They comprise the heart of a unique volume that has enriched the study of God’s unchanging Word for generations. Quality materials and craftwork are the hallmarks of an Oxford Bible.

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7 in stock (can be backordered)



Unique subject chain reference system that follows major Bible themes throughout Scripture. Comprehensive indexes to annotations and subject chain references for thorough topical study. Informative introductions to each book and section with subheadings. Complete chronologies. Detailed concordance with an integrated subject index and dictionary of Scripture proper names. Helps on the same page as the text for ready access to vital definitions and explanations. Full-color maps. Large type, red letter edition for the pastor or teacher or anyone desiring an extra-large, easy to read print. The timeless wisdom of the Scofield Study Bible is now presented in a new improved large type setting that will aid anyone desiring extra-large, easy to read print. Pastors reading from the pulpit, group study leaders and individual readers will find this format extremely useful. Also included are Oxford’s world-renowned full-color Bible maps available for the first time in the large print edition. Now large print readers will have a convenient reference to key biblical locations as well as a complete Bible study system in one volume. All the vital questions of the Christian life can be answered by anyone who has mastered the Bible. For generations now, the Scofield Study Bible has been the evangelical tool of choice for serious Bible students searching for the answers to those questions in God’s Word. Containing all the text of the original KJV, this unique study edition has center-column references, definitions, and thorough book by book, section by section, outlines that make the Bible come alive. The reader will be able to trace Bible words and concepts from their first mention to their last throughout the entire Bible to arrive at ta comprehensive summation of all the Bible’s teachings on a subject.

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