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My thoughts on the KJV Bible for Young Readers –

Dr. Randy White, CEO, Dispensational Publishing House

I have often been asked to recommend a “Kid’s Bible.” After some research, we have begun to stock the KJV Bible for Young Readers in our DPH Store.

This Bible is simply a full KJV bible, unedited and not simplified in language, with the addition of a few pictures that appeal to kids, and a kid-oriented cover.
Personally, I like this because it signals that this is a “mature” book for “big boys and girls.” Too many “kid’s Bibles” are nothing more than watered down versions of Bible stories with a lot of pictures. They give the appearance that the Bible is a picture book with fables, for kids. They also give the implication that the Bible is too “adult” for kids to handle themselves. With these Kid’s “Bible’s,” the child has nothing more than a Bible storybook and is completely unable to follow along as the preacher reads his text or the family reads the Bible in a devotional time.
I recognize that most parents today want something more supposedly “kid-friendly.”  If that is what you are looking for, you will not find it here. But if you want a Bible that is the inerrant word of God given in full, this is a great option. The text is large enough for young eyes to follow. The text is unaltered KJV. The pictures are modern and visually intriguing but do not become the “tail that wags the dog.”
I would recommend this Bible for any child who is old enough to sit with his/her parents in worship and carry a Bible (4+). Even if the child cannot yet read, he/she can enjoy the honor of the personal responsibility of carrying a Bible to worship.

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The KJV Bible for Young Readers combines the power of a reference Bible with easy-to-read type, color illustrations, and kid-friendly features, making it easy for young readers to read and understand the Bible.

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