The Kingdom of God: A Scriptural Primer

The Kingdom of God: A Scriptural Primer


Unlock the mysteries of the scripture with “The Kingdom of God: A Scriptural Primer.” This is more than just a Bible study—it’s an invitation to journey into the heart of Scripture, probing the depths of God’s Kingdom.

Are you intrigued by the Kingdom of God? Is it a future, physical domain ruled by Christ on earth or a spiritual sanctuary residing within the hearts of believers today? This comprehensive study guides you through over 200 crucial Old and New Testament passages to find the answers.

Dive into illuminating explorations of:
– The Kingdom’s inherent nature and purpose
– The people to whom it’s promised and prophesied
– The blueprint and timeline for its establishment
– Its future inhabitants
– The apostolic teachings about the Kingdom

Engage with Scripture to gain a more profound understanding of God’s master plan. Uncover how the Kingdom of God is not just a theme—it’s the central thread weaving together all of Scripture.

Demystify the common misconceptions surrounding the Kingdom. Become proficient in interpreting God’s Word. Immerse in the hope and purpose brought forth by the promising future of God’s Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God: A Scriptural Primer” employs an engaging study structure that begins with a premise, leading you into relevant Scripture passages. This is followed by the author’s insights, culminating in a dedicated space for your own reflections and ideas. It’s a seamless blend of guided exploration and personal discovery that ensures a comprehensive understanding of the biblical topic at hand.

Take the first step on this enlightening journey today. Delve into this profound biblical topic, and experience a fresh revelation of God’s Kingdom. Your scripture study will never be the same again.


Tom Robinson is simply a layman who loves the Lord and studying His Word. A graduate of Oklahoma State University with a degree in Accounting, he worked for over 40 years in the oil industry, which has helped him learn to study scripture logically, consistently, literally, and verifiably. He and his wife Cheryl currently live and worship in Georgetown, Texas. They are the parents of three daughters.

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