John Adams: American Statesman


Originally published in 1884 and updated in 1912, this biography of John Adams is being reprinted to reintroduce one of our most influential but perhaps misunderstood and often overlooked founding fathers, John Adams.

Adams was the “working man’s patriot.” Not born into wealth or royalty, he worked his way into significance. His down-to-earth ways, along with his faith, family values, and never-ending love for country made an indelible mark on the country he loved.

The life and times of John Adams would be familiar to modern readers. The country was deeply divided ideologically and politically. There were bitter political battles, and Adams never flinched nor feared to enter those battles. He refused to go to the inauguration of his successor, and often said things that were taken as rude or socially unacceptable by the elite.

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John T. Morse, Jr (January 9, 1840-March 26, 1937) was, at the time of his death, the oldest Harvard graduate at age 97, and a noted historian. He was the author of dozens of books, several of which are in the “American Statesman” series.

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