Heaven and Hell: A Biblical Guide

Heaven and Hell: A Biblical Guide


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Heaven and Hell is a simple and concise Biblical guide to the eternal condition of the soul. Written by noted theologian, Dr. Robert P. Lightner, the book gives definitions and descriptions of both Heaven and Hell, and talks about who goes where. But the book also wrestles with the ever-important questions of those who have never heard, and even those who have heard but due to age or mental capacity do not have the ability to believe. The book also tackles the troubling question of what happens to those who commit suicide.

Concerning Hell, the book looks at both the Old Testament and the New Testament presentations of eternal damnation, and also explains three judgments by God.

Dr. Lightner closes with a Dispensational Calvinistic presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is insightful even for those who reject the Calvinistic viewpoint.


Robert P. LlightnerDR. ROBERT P. LIGHTNER is a respected scholar, Bible teacher, theologian, and Christian gentleman. He has written over 20 great Christian books. Dr. Lightner is currently Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Adjunct Professor in Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.

He earned the ThB from Baptist Bible Seminary, 1955, the ThM (1959) and ThD (1964) from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dr. Lightner joined the Dallas Seminary faculty in 1968 after teaching for seven years at Baptist Bible College/Seminary in Johnson City, New York, and also teaches at the Seminary’s extension sites. A professor of all the doctrines of Systematic Theology, Dr. Lightner has authored twenty-four books, most of which are about these doctrines. Since the 1950s he has helped struggling churches and/or ones seeking a pastor by serving as interim pastor thirty-three times at twenty-four churches in Pennsylvania, New York, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas. His overseas ministries include work in Venezuela, Peru, Paraguay, and London (Spurgeon’s Tabernacle).

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