Fundamentals Of The Faith

Fundamentals Of The Faith


Understanding the core tenets and principles that form the foundation of any faith is essential for spiritual growth and insight. This book, written from an Acts 2 Dispensational model, explores the key building blocks of the Christian faith that have shaped believers and the church for centuries.

You will delve into concepts like:

  • The Triune God: The nature of God as revealed through the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Creation: God’s act of creating the world and humanity, and the significance of creation theology.
  • The Fall: The consequences of humanity’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden and what it means for our relationship with God.
  • Jesus Christ: Examining who Jesus claimed to be and the significance of his life, death and resurrection.
  • Salvation: How Christ’s atoning sacrifice offers forgiveness of sins and restoration of our relationship with God.
  • The Bible: The authority, inspiration, historicity and structure of the Scriptures.

By grounding yourself in these essential Christian doctrines, you’ll develop spiritual maturity and a deeper understanding of God’s redemptive plan for humanity. Get your copy today to begin cultivating a more profound faith built on solid foundations.


Here is a chapter by chapter overview of the book:

Chapter 1 – What is Our Final Authority?

The author argues that the Bible is God’s word and the final authority for the Christian faith. He cites verses showing that Jesus viewed the Old Testament as completely true and authoritative. The Bible claims to be the inspired word of God.

Chapter 2 – Why Should we Believe in God?

The chapter examines reasons for believing in God’s existence based on scripture. Verses show that creation testifies to God and his provision proves he exists. However, simple belief in facts about God is not enough; we must have faith in our hearts.

Chapter 3 – The Faithfulness of God

The chapter focuses on God’s faithfulness as the foundation of our faith and hope. The story of Abraham shows how God honors those who believe his promises. We must rely on God’s faithfulness, not our own.

Chapter 4 – The Love of God

The author explores God’s love based on verses describing him as a loving God and referring to his self-sacrifice in Jesus. God’s love is directed at those who love him in return.

Chapter 5 -The Justice of God

While God is loving, he is also just. His throne is founded on righteousness and justice. Verses show that God will punish sin justly through eternal hellfire.

Chapter 6 – Who is Jesus?

The chapter examines Bible verses teaching that Jesus is the divine Son of God and Creator. It covers the virgin birth and Jesus’ resurrection as proofs of his deity and sonship. Belief that Jesus is the Son of God is critical to salvation.

Chapter 7 – The Trinity

Though the word Trinity is not in the Bible, the concept exists. Verses show that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit – three persons in one Godhead.

Chapter 8 – Heaven

While details are limited, heaven will be a place of bliss and joy in God’s presence. Believers will be with Christ, be sinless like him, and have eternal life.

Chapter 9 – Hell

Hell is a place of eternal fire, punishment and darkness. God’s warnings about hell show its seriousness and lead to the need for repentance.

Chapter 10 – Our Guilt Before God

The author argues that verses show all men are guilty sinners before a holy God. We cannot claim righteousness based on comparisons with other people.

Chapter 11- God’s Provision for Our Guilt

God’s only provision for our guilt is through Christ’s atoning blood and death on the cross. Good works and gifts cannot redeem us.

Chapter 12 -The Need for Repentance

Repentance is a fundamental part of the gospel. Verses show that mere belief is not enough; one must repent and trust Christ to be saved.

Chapter 13 – The Need to Be Born Again

Salvation involves being born again by the Spirit through faith in Christ’s name. We become children of God through adoption and are given the right to eternal life.

Chapter 14 -The Need for Good Works

Though good works do not save, they are necessary for the Christian life. Verses show that true faith produces fruit in works of righteousness and obedience.

Chapter 15 -Eternal Security

The chapter argues that eternal security is a core doctrine based on God’s faithfulness and Christ’s perfect sacrifice. Our security rests in Christ, not ourselves.

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