Five Golden Rings | The significance of the five women in the genealogy of Jesus


The Gospel of Matthew links together 41 men in a genealogical chain stretching from Abraham to Jesus, but he also mentions five women.

He did not include such notable women as Sarah. . . or Rebekah . . . or Leah. And the five women chosen seem, at first glance, to be an odd choice. So what is it about the five women Matthew chose that makes them so important to his genealogy? Who are these Five Golden Rings in the chain stretching from Abraham to Jesus?

Simply put, that is the focus of this book. Join me on a journey of discovery to explore the five

wives and mothers whom Matthew included in his genealogy of Jesus. As we explore each of the five, I believe you will come to understand the special place they play in Matthew’s presentation of Jesus as “the Messiah, the son of David, the son of Abraham” (Matt. 1:1).

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Dr. Charles Dyer (B.A., Washington Bible College; Th.M. and Ph.D., Dallas Theological Seminary) served as provost and dean of education at Moody Bible Institute before becoming professor-at-large of Bible at Moody and host of The Land and the Book radio program. Before coming to Moody, Dr. Dyer served for 20 years in multiple administrative and faculty roles at Dallas Theological Seminary, ultimately holding the position of executive vice president under Chuck Swindoll.Dr. Dyer currently resides in Sun City, Ariz., where he is associate pastor of Grace Bible Church.


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