Exploring Israel: A Christian Journey Through The Holy Land

Exploring Israel: A Christian Journey Through The Holy Land


Discover the Wonders of the Holy Land

Exploring Israel: A Christian Journey Through The Holy Land

Journey into the Land of the Bible and Trace the Footsteps of Faith

This book is more than just a travel guide. This is an invitation to embark on a life-changing spiritual pilgrimage that will transform the way you read scripture and connect with your faith forever.

Inside the pages of ” Exploring Israel,” you’ll find comprehensive insights into the history, culture, and biblical significance of over 20 awe-inspiring locations across the Holy Land. From Jerusalem’s storied streets to the shimmering shores of Galilee, this guidebook brings each site vividly to life, enriching your understanding of the Bible and its enduring lessons.

Walk where Jesus walked. Marvel at the grandeur of Herod’s towering fortresses. Stand in reverence at the Western Wall. Each step retraces the path of prophets, kings, and patriarchs – the pillars upon which the foundation of Christianity itself is built.

With detailed alphabetical listings and travel tips tailored for Christian tours, this book promises to make your journey through the Holy Land seamless, meaningful, and unforgettable. Discover little-known historical gems and insights that illuminate the biblical events that occurred in each miraculous place.

Embark on a Voyage for the Soul

The Holy Land is so much more than a physical location. It is the wellspring of a spiritual awakening that could profoundly change your walk with God. With ” Exploring Israel ” in hand, you’ll uncover the deeper significance of each sacred site, scripture, and encounter, bringing the Scripture to life.

The breadth of information, condensed into a conveniently-sized travel companion, was crafted with loving devotion by seasoned tour guide and Bible scholar Dr. Randy White. His passion for the Word and connection to the land of Israel will guide you on an extraordinary inner journey as you navigate your outer one.

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming tour or simply yearning to deepen your faith, this guidebook is your gateway to discovering the wonders of the Holy Land from a uniquely Christian perspective. The timeless lessons within will continue illuminating your path long after you return home.


Dr. Randy White is the author of “Exploring Israel: A Christian Journey Through The Holy Land” and founder of the Dispensational Publishing House. Based in Taos, New Mexico, Dr. White has dedicated his career to providing accessible and meaningful Biblical study materials, both in print and through his online teaching platform, Randy White Ministries.

Beyond his writing and teaching, Dr. White’s multiple trips to Israel have given him a deep understanding of the Holy Land. He uses these experiences to enrich his teaching, offering valuable insights into the geographical and cultural contexts of the Bible.

In “Exploring Israel,” Dr. White combines his knowledge of the Bible, his teaching experience, and his travels in Israel to help readers gain a more in-depth understanding of their faith.

Note: This book is spiral bound for ease of use when traveling.

ISBN: 978-1-961110-06-9

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