Ever Reforming: Dispensational Theology and the Completion of the Protestant Reformation

Ever Reforming: Dispensational Theology and the Completion of the Protestant Reformation


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This groundbreaking book from Dr. Andy Woods directly challenges two widely held beliefs. One is that the Protestant Reformation is complete. The other is that it has little or nothing to do with dispensational theology.

Woods makes the history of the Protestant Reformation come alive with relevance to our own times.

People tend to place the Reformers on a pedestal and act like they completed the revolution, but they did not. Why was the Protestant Reformation only a partial restoration? It was because they used the literal method of interpreting the Bible selectively.

Ever Reforming will guide the reader to understand why the Reformation was necessary, how the reformers started the process, and the way in which that led to Dispensational Theology and the full recovery of the literal method of interpreting God’s Word.


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Andrew Marshall Woods left up his law practice in Southern California to go into ministry full-time in 1998. After obtaining his PhD in Bible Exposition from Dallas Theological Seminary, he was a Full-Professor of Bible and Theology at the College Biblical Studies in Houston, TX (2009-2016). He is currently the president of Chafer Theological Seminary and senior pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church. Andy has a busy speaking schedule on a variety of topics at Christian conferences worldwide and has several published works.

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2 reviews for Ever Reforming: Dispensational Theology and the Completion of the Protestant Reformation

  1. Kevin Scott Lucas (verified owner)

    Seldom have I read a book with which I have had so much pleasure and spiritual profit. Written in a simple, straightforward style the author builds a solid case for seeing Dispensationalism as the completion of the process of reform and return to the literal interpretation of Scripture which once characterized the early church in its base at Antioch. Origen and Augustine in Alexandria in North Africa steered the church away from this literal interpretation and laid the groundwork for the rise of Roman Catholicism and its allegorical interpretation of Scripture which ushered in the Dark Ages. Hus, Luther, and Calvin, among others, took the soteriology of Scripture literally (mostly) but miserably failed to apply it faithfully to the rest of the Bible. The illiterate Biblically ignorant masses started getting the Bible in their hands and this led to the realization that something was wrong in the field of Biblical hermeneutics. God raised up great men who completed the Reformation by applying the same hermeneutic to the entire Bible.

    The end of the book seems a little rushed and I would have enjoyed expansions in both chapters 7 and 8 but on the whole, I HIGHLY recommend this work. I have not been able to keep a copy very long. My first copy and my second copy were both given to other pastors and so I bought five more just to make sure I could always have one to give to friends and to have a copy for myself.

  2. Vicki Baldwin

    I can’t add much to the previous review. I found this book very helpful. I’m sure I too, will be buying more copies to give others. I am just a ordinary layperson with an interest. This book explains what the Reformation did and did NOT do, and why it matters for Christians today; helps me understand the mindset of some Christians around me. Also a very interesting read.

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