Empowered By His Grace


This book seeks to address many questions Christians have today.

  • How is my Christian life supposed to work?
  • How do I live? How can I have real, substantive, spiritual growth in my life?
  • What exactly happened to me when I got saved?
  • Who am I in Christ? Am I secure in Christ?
  • Can I lose my salvation?
  • Is God mad at me? Is He punishing me for secret sins?

Plus, what is the “old man” in Romans 6:6? What did Paul mean when he wrote that the “old man is crucified with Christ?” Is the “old man” literally dead or only positionally dead? How do I put off the old man and put on the new man?

Also, what did Paul mean when he wrote in Romans 6:23 that we’re “made free from sin?” Am I literally freed from sin or only positionally freed from sin? How does that work? How do I deal with sin? How do I have victory over temptations? In fact, how is God’s grace supposed to work in my life in a practical way? And how do I pray?

The answers may well surprise you, and it’s all good news.


About the Author:

Pastor Joel Hayes can be found at Fellowship Bible Church in Orlando, FL, where, in addition to teaching and writing books and articles, he also hosts “The Grace Life Podcast”, along with Mike Moriarty, Pastor Fred Bekemeyer, and Pastor Hal Bekemeyer. (Joel sometimes jokes that he is a permanent student of the “The Bekemeyer Grace School of Hard Knocks.” Joel also loves everyone. Seriously. He does.)

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