Emerald Interlude

Emerald Interlude


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Introducing the “Emerald Interlude,” an exclusive addition to your sophisticated wardrobe. Crafted meticulously, this tie features a refreshing mint green base, punctuated by an elegant diagonal pattern of bright green squares. Each square sports slightly rounded edges, adding a soft finesse to the overall design. Nestled between these vibrant shapes, you’ll discover small 2mm emerald green blocks, their deep tone providing a delightful contrast against the lighter background. Wear the “Emerald Interlude” to make a bold, distinguished statement at your next meeting, event, or special occasion.

3 in stock

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Coordination Suggestions:

The “Emerald Interlude” pairs excellently with a range of ensembles. Try coordinating it with a classic white, pale mint, or light gray dress shirt for a cool, coordinated look. For a more daring approach, a deep emerald green shirt can create an appealing tonal look. This tie also complements well with navy blue or charcoal gray suits. To add an extra touch, pair it with matching emerald cufflinks or a pocket square. Whatever the occasion, the “Emerald Interlude” has the versatility to make your outfit stand out.


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