Dispensationalism and Free Grace: Intimately Linked

Dispensationalism and Free Grace: Intimately Linked


Author: Grant Hawley

The Bible has been unnecessarily complicated by theologians who have changed the meaning of words. Free grace theologians, however, take the literal meaning of words and reveal the amazing grace of the Gospel.  In this volume, Grant Hawley explains the vital connection between free grace and dispensational theology.

Not only does the book reveal the root cause of Free Grace theology, but also the origins of Lordship Salvation, the polar opposite of Free Grace.

If you’re looking for a concise volume that helps you understand two very different methods of interpreting the Bible, this is your book!

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Dispensationalism and Free Grace Grant HawleyGrant Hawley was educated in the church and serves as Pastor of Bold Grace Fellowship and Director of Bold Grace Ministries. He is the author of The Guts of Grace: Preparing Ordinary Saints for Extraordinary MinistryEasy Peasy Biblical Greek: The Easiest Way to Learn Greek Well, and Let the Text Speak: An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics (due to be published Fall of 2017). He is also editor of 21 Tough Questions about Grace and Free Grace Theology: 5 Ways It Magnifies the Gospel. Grant is a member of the Free Grace Alliance Executive Council and the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics. He lives in Allen, TX with his wife, Tamara, and son, Rock. This is his first book with DPH.


From the back cover-

“This short book is a full education about the foundation of Free Grace theology. It is essential reading.” – Charles C. Bing

“Where dispensationalism goes, free grace is sure to follow, assuming a consistent hermeneutic. Hawley does a great job of explaining why this is true.” – David R. Anderson

“This survey of authors is worth your consideration concluding that normative dispensationalism and free grace also naturally
correspond.” – Elliott Johnson

“I have learned much from reading this interesting and helpful volume. You will too!” – Joseph Dillow

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