A Christian’s Guide to Kipling

A Christian’s Guide to Kipling


Kipling for Christians is both an introductory work on the amazing literature of Rudyard Kipling and a Christian thinker’s user-guide for a small selection of Kipling poems. This book contains an insightful introduction to Kipling’s life, so influenced by the times in which he lived, times when the British Empire stretched the far reaches of the globe. In addition to the introduction on Kipling’s life and times, the book contains a chapter arguing that poetry is the supreme art. Each of the poems is given a brief introduction that gives an explanation from a Biblical worldview.

This book will be enjoyed by students eager to learn the beauty of poetry as well as aficionados of Kipling’s amazing gift of expression through thought and pen.


Why I Am a Fundamentalist: and you should be too!

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Will Christians endure the tribulation?

Do you need to prepare for the Day of the Lord?

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Table of Contents

  • Poetry: The Supreme Art
  • The Life and Times of Rudyard Kipling
  • The Poems
    • New Lamps for Old
    • The Gods of the Copybook Settings
    • Sestina of the Tramp-Royal
    • The Explorer
    • An Imperial Rescript
    • Mandalay
    • Sussex
    • Tommy
    • Soldier, Soldier
    • Tomlinson
    • Boots
    • Bill ‘Awkins
    • En-dor
    • My Boy Jack
    • Cold Iron
    • Recessional

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