Behold! Study Outlines of the Book of Revelation


Twenty-six times in the King James Version of the book of Revelation the reader is commanded to BEHOLD. The underlying Greek word is used 30 times in the book, sometimes translated as LO or even LOOK. This repetition brings us to the stark realization that the book of Revelation has something at which God wants us to look at, to see with our mind’s eye, and to study with diligence.

The book of Revelation is avoided by some, misunderstood by many, and has been the subject of wild interpretations by preachers and teachers who see far more than the words actually claim.

In this verse-by-verse study outline, a student of the Word can work through the Revelation and come to a clear understanding of what the words of the Word actually say.

The book is not a commentary, though it contains some commentary. The book is a thought-guide to help the reader understand, in logical order, the words that John wrote almost 2,000 years ago.

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Randy White is the founder and CEO of Dispensational Publishing House. He is the author of The AntichristThe Bible Graphically PresentedThe Ministry of Jesus Graphically PresentedWhy I Am a Pretribulational Premillennialist, and Behold: Study Outlines of the Book of Revelation. Dr. White also serves as pastor of the Taos, NM First Baptist Church and teaches the Bible online at

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