A Dispensational Theology


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A complete theology book with emphasis on dispensational perspectives, and their related scriptural references, written to be useful for the layman by avoiding theological jargon. An important study guide to clear up the prevalent misunderstandings and misconceptions among Christians concerning the methods and results of dispensational interpretation. Baker doesn’t simply duplicate what has already been written, but he gives prominence to that which has been neglected: the dispensational thrust of the scriptures.

Available on backorder


The following biography is from Fellowship Bible Church:

The wonderful Dispensational Theologian, Charles F. Baker, was born in 1905 of English immigrant parents in Dallas, Texas. He attended Scofield Memorial Church, founded by C.I. Scofield. His pastor was Lewis Sperry Chafer, who also founded the Evangelical Theological College, which later became Dallas Theological Seminary. He was a graduate of both Wheaton College and Dallas Theological Seminary with a Masters in Theology.


He was first an associate pastor with J.C. O’Hair at North Shore Church in “uptown” Chicago as O’Hair’s chief engineer for their broadcasting station WPCC (We Preach Christ Crucified). In the early 1930s, he became pastor of the Fundamental Bible Church which began as a Bible class led by Pastor O’Hair. He also contributed to O’Hair’s journal, Bible Study for Bereans, with articles like his 4-part series on The Great Commission. Later, Baker partnered with C.R. Stam to develop and open the Milwaukee Bible Institute, which later became Grace Bible College. He was the first president of the college, a position he held until his retirement in 1967.


In 1971, he published his 688-page tome, Dispensational Theology, which he spent 4 years writing and before that a lifetime teaching it. This book was, for me, more addictive than a bag of potato chips. I love the way he writes. He’s like a surgeon with words. Every sentence is carefully thought-out and the words carefully chosen. He doesn’t belabor. He makes his point in a few sentences and moves on. (My only squabble with Baker is that he had some leanings toward Calvinism about which we would strongly disagree. For a wonderful overview against Calvinism, check out Pastor Hal Bekemeyer’s series, Cut the TULIP!)


After his wife, Teresa, died in 1982, Baker moved to Escondido, California, and was married to a long-time friend, Ruth Lohman Smith, in 1985. Along with writing books and teaching, he was instrumental in the formation of Grace Gospel FellowshipGrace Mission and Grace Publications as well as editing two periodicals, the Biblegram and Truth Magazine. He died in 1994.


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