Hannah Graves

Heartbroken. Angry. Helpless. Confused. When I heard the news of the decision made in New York this week, I was at a loss for words and honestly didn’t even believe what I was being told. Our country is entering into a holocaust of the unborn and is being congratulated for doing so.

Then I remembered: this isn’t the first time a government has been a part of the murder of children. And yet, in the midst of great darkness, there was deliverance.

In Exodus, we are told that Pharaoh ordered his people to kill every Hebrew boy that was born. The people obeyed, and yet, Moses was born. Thanks to God’s provision and his mother’s bravery, his life was spared and he one day delivered God’s people from slavery and led them on a journey back to their land.

Thousands of years later, our savior Jesus Christ came to earth as a baby boy, through the line of Moses’ ancestors. And do you know what happened? A ruler named Herod ordered that all of the baby boys in Bethlehem that were 2 and younger be killed. And yet, Jesus escaped. Because of this, Jesus was able to one day sacrifice himself for the sins of the world and defeat sin and death so that we may have a way to be made right with God forever.

So, as we look at the atrocities in our society today, we are heartbroken, angry, and confused, but we are not hopeless. Because even in the midst of the greatest darkness, there is one who brings the greatest deliverance. It might not be today and probably not even tomorrow, but Jesus will come again someday and restore all things. And until then, we cling to Him and His word to get us through.

I want to end with a few things that I think we can do as this law moves forward.

1. Be a light. Share the truth of the hope that we have in Christ. He is the only one who can save a nation – not a politician, not a celebrity, not a pastor – Jesus alone can change the hearts of many.

2. Help women who find themselves in a difficult pregnancy. Support them in whatever way you can financially, spiritually, and emotionally. Volunteer at a pregnancy crisis center or support it in some way.

3. Support those who are a part of adoption or foster care or be a part of it yourself.

4. Vote and call your representatives. That is our voice when it comes to politics, and I believe we should use it and pray that our government listens.

Finally, Join me in praying for our country. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


Hannah Graves is a wife, mom, and teacher at the John Nelson Darby Academy. The image on this blog post is a picture of her 2-year-old son, taken at nine weeks.