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In addition to the expected emphasis upon Bible prophecy, and this year’s special focus on the issue of literal interpretation, the 25th Anniversary Pre-Trib Study Group also provided much in the way of discussion of current events.

In this final blog entry covering last month’s conference, I will focus on that theme.

On Monday, Dec. 5, Soren Kern presented a fast-paced, informative lecture entitled, “An Update on Islam and the European Union.”

Kern, who works under Ambassador John Bolton as a senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute, provided much food for thought as he delved into some extremely controversial subjects, and I learned from discussions afterward that not everyone in attendance agreed with all of his observations and conclusions. However, it was impossible not to be intrigued by what he said and to listen to it carefully.

“We are seeing really a return of anti-semitism in Europe on a mass scale,” said Kern. He focused a large portion of his talk on the much-publicized immigration of Muslims into Germany. “Germany is never going to recover from this—apart from a mass deportation,” he stated. “A lot of these migrants are becoming radicalized.”

120516-blog-scharf-pre-trib-box-ad“They are trying to create a European version of Islam,” said Kern. “The question is: Is Islam going to be Europeanized, or is Europe going to be Islamicized? There is really no possibility, to my mind, of trying to bring about a European version of Islam. There is an attempt to make Islam a normal part of European life.”

Kern said that there is a “societal change in Europe because of this mass migration,” and stated further, “There is a collapse of common sense because of political correctness, and believe me it is coming here. We have a security situation of unbelievable proportions.”

Kern said that world events are having the overall effect of causing many Jews to emigrate from the European Union and return to Israel.

Speaking of the incoming Trump administration, Kern said: “This is the first time in American history that all presidential advisers are on board that Islam is not, as George W. Bush said, ‘a religion of peace.’”

Kern said that the tension for the new administration will be figuring out how to deal with Islam as “a political system that wants to overturn the Constitution” rather than as a traditional religion. He opined that Trump has the advantage of being unconcerned with political correctness.

Kern said he believes that, “Islam is a demonic force that is challenging the dominion of the world,” and stated that God could be using Islam to judge the West.

Kern mentioned the so-called “Red-Green Alliance” between European socialism and Islam, saying they are united in their opposition to Judeo-Christian influence and calling it a temporary “marriage of convenience.”

He said that he believes that Islam will ultimately betray the left and seek its destruction.

Dr. David Hocking was scheduled to deliver the final session of the conference, on Wednesday, Dec. 7, on the subject of “Israel and God’s Plan for the Future.” Since he was unable to attend due to illness, William Koenig of World Watch Daily stepped in to provide a very interesting look at political events in Washington, D.C.

Koenig looked the part of a reporter as he thumbed through pages of notes, offering his take on life in Washington during the past eight years, and sharing his optimism about the new administration. He also provided insights about news from Israel and the relations the United States currently has with her.

Koenig is a prolific author and writer and a captivating speaker, and I was impressed with his presentation and grasp of world events. Anyone looking for a fresh, conservative perspective on the news would do well to stay in touch with the many resources that he provides.

I jotted down one particularly striking quote from Koenig, when he stated: “We are living at the most exciting time ever in history.”

Dr. Thomas Ice closed the event in his customary style, quoting from 1 Corinthians 16:22—“Maranatha” (KJV).

It will surely be a most interesting year of 2017, and the months will go by quickly until it is time for the next meeting of the Pre-Trib Study Group. For me, it was a great privilege and delight to attend, for the first time, this conference which I have followed with great interest.

I leave our discussion of this important subject with this quotation from Hebrews 10:37-39:

“For yet a little while,
And He who is coming will come and will not tarry.
Now the just shall live by faith;
But if anyone draws back,
My soul has no pleasure in him.”
But we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who believe to the saving of the soul.

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