Dispensational Publishing House:


Founder and CEO

We continue working to make Dispensational Publishing House the “go-to” source for Bible-based materials from the dispensational perspective.

At DPH, our prayer is that God will enable us to disseminate doctrinally-rich dispensational writings, including articles, booklets and books (and their corresponding e-books and audio books). We also plan to produce other items that aid in Biblical teaching and learning, such as charts, infographics and multimedia resources. It was my frustration that it was almost impossible to find a trusted source for such works, so I created one! I trust that DPH will become a root for great blessing in your life for many years to come.

In the year ahead, we hope to launch both an e-newsletter and a print newsletter, as well as adding several new features to our website. We are also making exciting progress toward unveiling our Revived Classics line. And be sure to watch for the opening of our online bookstore. In fact, we are in the process of preparing our very first books right now.

We want to provide you with high-quality doctrinal and worldview resources that make dispensational theology accessible to people at all levels of understanding. And we are always looking for excellent blog articles, as well as potential book-length works from qualified writers—both publishing veterans and first-time authors.

In time, we may possibly carry works produced by other publishers if they supplement the writings that we produce ourselves. However, our concentration will always be on publishing quality volumes through DPH. We are not a self-publisher, but a traditional royalty-based publishing company.

For specific needs or publishing requests, contact our editor in chief, Paul Scharf.

Testimonies on DPH:

When German blacksmith Johannes Gutenberg introduced movable type printing to Europe, he started the Printing Revolution. His printing press played a pivotal role in paving the way for the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment and much more. As a result, as Ecclesiastes 12:12 notes, “Of making many books there is no end.” But not all books are created equal. I am thrilled that God has raised up Christian publishers like Dispensational Publishing House to make the making of many books a positive experience. And whether it’s a book you read electronically or one you hold in your hand and turn real pages, it’s what a publisher prints that counts. With Dispensational Publishing you know you will always get the truth—the Biblical truth that makes you free.
Kroll Woodrow
DPH is needed to fulfill a unique literary need in the body of Christ today regarding the demand for sound dispensational literature resources. Sadly, much of the dispensational material offered today borders on the hyper-sensational. Other available resources that offer an academic tone tend to emanate from the heavily amillennial and Reformed circles. DPH tries to strike the right balance by being both academic and prophetically relevant.
Andy Woods
That there is a need for such a center as this is clear enough. Speaking personally (as I have been throughout), I wish Dr. Randy White and Paul Scharf well. May the Lord bless and be honored by their project! Having had edifying correspondence with Scharf in the past, I am only too happy to recommend the Dispensational Publishing House. I truly hope contributors will find the freedom to explore all the big questions from within the hermeneutical and theological scope provided by that oft-maligned but comprehensive approach to Holy Scripture that we have always called “literal.”
Paul Martin Henebury, Ph.D.