Brief Description of the Church

The Final Authority of the Word of God, Salavation by Grace alone in the Finished work of Christ at calavry, The Godhead, The Local Church , the rature of the Church, the pre-tribe return of the LOrd, The esbalishemnt of Christ 1000 year reign, The Eternal Judgemnet ff the Lost, The nation of Isreal as distinictionfor the Body of Christ

Church Programs

Sunday Morning Worship

Scripture’s View

Inspiration: Verbal Plenary Inspiration – “Every Word Counts”
Scripture Version used from the pulpit: KJV Only
Sufficiency of Scripture: God speaks through Scripture alone

Theological View

Gifts of the Spirit: Sign gifts have ceased
The Kingdom of God: Is the future millennial Kingdom.
Israel: Israel rejected God and lost her place in the fulfillment of prophecy.
The Rapture: Takes place before the Tribulation
The Tribulation: The seven-year period of Jacob’s Trouble
Interpretation of Scripture: A Scripture passage is to be taken literally whenever possible
Soteriology: Free Grace
Church Polity: Elder Governed
Primary Purpose of the Church: To share the Gospel
The Law: Was for Israel and is not an obligation of the church
Tithing: Was an Old Testament requirement


Physical Address: 3 W Eden Court, 3 W Eden Court, Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor 48108, United States
Phone Number: (313) 213-3984
Pastor’s Name: Russell Sheppard

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